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Work and Research Experience

2020- : Researcher at the Circular Economy Group at CIRCE.
Technical coordinator and Work package leader of Re4IndustrySupporting a renewable energy transition for industry.
Task leader of AgrobioheatPromoting the penetration of agrobiomass heating solutions in European rural areas.

References: Dr. Carmén Bartolomé.

2019-2020 : The Environmental Technology Group at the University of Valladolid
DEEP PURPLE creates a holistic consortium to transform diluted urban bio-wastes, including mixed waste streams, organicfraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW), wastewater (WW) and sewage sludge (SS), into feedstock for bio-industry toobtain sustainable bio-products. This revolutionary concept will be implemented in a novel Single-Site Multi-Platform Concept (Biomass, Cellulose and Biogas) to replace current polluting destructive practices with new value added concepts.

References: Dr. Raúl Muñoz Torre.

2016-2018: IMDEA Water Institute, Technological Park of the University of Alcalá, Alcalá de Henares, Spain
Research on Biofilters' outperformance by the combination of electroactive bacteria with electroconductive materials to achieve up to 10-fold higher Wastewater depuration rates than when employing traditional techniques within the framework of the iMETland project. I also collaborate in the project: "MIDES: Microbial Desalination for low energy drinking water".

References: Dr. Abraham Esteve Núñez. Reference: Dr. Juan Manuel Ortiz.

2015 (1 month): Visiting Researcher at the Institute for Scientific and Technological Research of San Luis Potosi, IPICYT
Project: "Effect of applied potential electrics on the growth of Pseudomonas denitrificans under aerobic conditions in a bioelectrochemical cell". M.Sc. Thesis by Mrs. Yanet Toriz. 

References: Dr. Berenice CelisDr. Luis Cházaro and Dr. Elías Razo.

2012-2015: Institut national de la recherche agronomique/ Laboratoire de Biotechnologie de l'Environnement, Narbonne, France  
(i) Coupling hydrogen production by dark fermentation and microbial electrolysis in a single anaerobic reactor/ Electron transfer mechanisms of novel electrochemically active bacteria. Web of the project. (ii) Electron transfer mechanisms of pure cultures of homoacetogens performing Microbial electrosynthesis of acetate. Web of the project

References: Dr. Nicolas Bernet and Dr. Eric Trably.

2012 (3 months): Chemistry department/ Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands
In vivo study of outer membrane cytochromes embedded in aggregations of living bacteria (i.e microbial biofilms) grown on electrodes by a combination of surface-enhanced resonance Raman scattering spectroscopy and electrochemistry. 

Reference: Dr. Diego Millo.

"Hands-on" lab Experience acquired during my  Master's Thesis 
(2005-2008) and Bachelor's degree Final Project (2003-2005) at Cinvestav (Mexico):

2003-2007: Environmental biotechnology laboratory.
Renewable biofuels (H2 and Biogas) production trough feasible and environmentally friendly biotechnological process: e.g., hydrogen production from inhibited methanogenic consortia. 

Reference:Dr. Héctor M. Poggi-Varaldo.

2005-2007: Hydrogen and fuel cells laboratory.

Design, construction and characterization of a microbial fuel cell lab scale prototype. 

Reference: Dr. Omar Solorza-Feria.

2003-2007: Analytic chemistry applied to environmental biotechnology.

Use of analytical techniques for the detection of biotechnological compounds trough methodologies based on gas and liquid chromatography. 

Reference: Mrs. Elvira Ríos-Leal.

2006-2007: Laboratory of environmental genomics.

Experience in the use of molecular tools for genetic typification of the microbioma and microbial diversity in environmental and biotechnological systems. 

Reference: Dr. Jaime García-Mena.

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